teleprompter basic information

Issuing time:2018-11-20 00:00

Here are some basic things about the rack-mounted word processor from the perspectives of use, installation, configuration, etc.: 1. What is the biggest feature of the rack-mounted word processor?The biggest advantage of the rack-mounted horn is that it can share the tripod with the camera. The camera can be placed behind the hood of the horn, and the camera and document prompts are simultaneously performed, saving space. 2. Is there a difference in the rack-mounted word processor function?The word processor function is the same, but there are some differences in the shape and application environment. 3. As long as you have a tripod, you can install and use the rack-mounted word generator?This is not necessarily the case. The installation of the rack-mounted horn is required to be installed together with the tripod and the pan/tilt. Therefore, before buying, you must pay attention to determine whether the professional camera tripod and the pan/tilt. If the ordinary camera pan/tilt is not enough, the rack-type speech finder cannot be installed and used normally. 4. Word processor software system compatibility problemThe word processor software is compatible with XP, Win7, and vsita systems. 5. What control methods are supported?It can be controlled by computer and remote control. 6. Rack type riser set configurationThe rack-mounted word generator set includes: brand computer, high-definition display, beam splitter, hood, control software, remote control, VGA splitter, installation CD, camera tray, universal cable, manual.

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