Six factors affecting the effect pictures

Issuing time:2018-11-20 00:00

Six factors affecting the effect picutures: (1) Modeling. The fineness of the model largely affects the final rendering, so the finer the modeling, the better. (2) The arrangement and size of the lights. The light should not be too evenly distributed. There must be contrast (the color and size of the light), but it should not be too messy.Pay attention to the primary and secondary levels of the space, and the use of the optical domain network is also critical (the scenarios are different。

(3) The embodiment of the texture of the material. The texture of the material is not only the texture of the main material of the model such as the floor, but also the material of some details.Performance is in place. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the contrast of material color, smoothness, bump (rough surface) and texture map, so that the screen effect can be more abundant.

(4) Matching of colors. That is, the combination of materials and light tones, in one picture, the color of the material and the light should not only be contrasted, but also should be harmonized.Unite. First of all, the scene should have an overall tone, such as cool or warm tones, such as the scene is mainly cool, you can add in the sceneA little warm color makes the scene have some contrast. (5) Composition. The composition should show the most exciting parts, the composition is compact, there must be a dense contrast, but also pay attention to the combination of points, lines and surfaces.Use and the distinction between virtual and real. (6) Scenery. It can complement and complement the scene. The scenery should be in harmony with the overall scene, such as the direction of the light, the size ratio, the overall color, etc., should not be overwhelmed.

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