special attention for lighting arrangments

Issuing time:2018-11-20 00:00

1) The lighting should not be more than good. Excessive lighting makes the work process messy and difficult to process, and the display and rendering speed is also severely affected. Only the necessary lights can be retained. Also pay attention to the use of light projection and shadow maps and texture maps. It is best to use textures instead of maps. For example, to show the effect of brightly lit windows in the evening from the outside, it is much more convenient to use the self-illuminated map, and the effect is also good, instead of using the light to simulate. Do not arbitrarily light, otherwise the success rate will be very low. For light that is dispensable, it must be resolutely not reserved. 2) The lighting should reflect the light and dark distribution of the scene. It must be hierarchical, and all lights should not be treated. Use different types of lights as needed, such as spotlights or floodlights; determine whether the light is projected and the concentration of the shadows as needed; determine the brightness and contrast of the light as needed. If you want to achieve a more realistic effect, you must work hard on the light attenuation. You can use the method of temporarily turning off some lights to eliminate interference and better set other lights.

3) Be aware that the lights in MAX are surreal. Learn to use the "exclude" and "include" functions of the light to determine whether an object illuminates or projects an object. For example, to simulate the lighting and projection effects of candlelight, we usually place a floodlight at the candle wick. If the lamp does not project the candle body, then the large shadow of the candle body on the table may cause us a headache for a long time. In the architectural renderings, the “excluding” method is often used to make the lighting not illuminate or project on certain objects. 4) When lighting, you should follow the process from topic to topic, from simple to complex. For the formation of the lighting effect, the main style should be adjusted first, and then the attenuation of the light should be adjusted to enhance the sense of reality. Finally, adjust the color of the lights to make detailed modifications. If you want to *simulate the effects of natural light, you must have a deep understanding of natural light sources. If you look at books that use photography, it will be helpful to do more experiments. The lighting lamps for different occasions are also different. In the production of indoor renderings, in order to show a brilliant effect, the color of some main lights is often set to a light orange color, which can achieve the effect that the material is not easy to achieve.

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