Tiger Touch 4096 Console

Material metal
Model 4096

4096 Dimmer Console

* Technical Parameters: •Power:110V~220V 50~60Hz.

• Powerful Titan System .Core Duo processor and120GB SSD, 4GB RAM.

• Built-in 15.4-inch high quality HD touch screen, an external 17 inch touch screen

is available for option.

• Built-in UPS power to avoid sudden power off, data can be saved easily.

• 4 DMX output and 4096 DMX channels .Support Art-Net network, can be extended

to 12 DMX outputs and 6144 channels.

• 10 Macro buttons for any programming.

• Support Multi-language display.

• Support Wifi, control lights wirelessly, mobile devices (iPhone, ipad

Touch)control lights remotely.

• Powerful color pickup function.

• Support CITP agreement, can see the image snippet of media fragment in media

server directly on the control platform.

• 20 replay faders support more than 1000 program replay.

• Fast and easy to use graphics generator, classification of the built in graphics

easier to use.

• Support video, provide MIDI time code control.

• Built-in thousands of light library, built-in light library editing software, you can

at any time in the console light library.

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