800W red head lights kits

Spec 800W
Material Metal
Color Red+Black
Model M-WS800

Power :800W Color temprature:3200k main feature:Adjustable focus, with protective mesh, with four-page board, with special bakelite plug. Main function: Focusing soft light fixture, which is a lensless bifocal focusing soft light. It has many characteristics such as high illumination, uniform light gradation, clear and scattered, small and beautiful, and easy to carry. It can be used in combination with three primary color lights, spotlights, etc., and is widely used for video recording, interviews, short drama shooting, studios, virtual studios, etc. It is especially suitable for workers who are going out for interviews. It is mainly used for interview video. It is often used in small interview rooms, small studios, teaching videos, etc. This set follows the simple three-point light principle, which is a red headlight. To brighten the background, a red headlight is used to outline the character (lighting), and a red headlight is used as a facelight. Attention: It is normal situation if when you start the new red headlights ,there is smoking in the first time .please wait for a moment, the smoke will be gone, and it will not smoke if it is used again. (Smokeis happened   because of the new paint inside the lamp shell is oxidized by high temperature baking.)  1545034433(1).png

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